Sunday, 17 June 2007

Thinking of music in the NEW way?

Why not consider to learn what it is all about being a Klavar Musician what it can offer you?

Like so many others who have now achieved their ambition in learning to play the piano/keyboard also to include classical church organ musicians playing the music as the composer intended like a professional, such as J.S. Bach, Mozart…

With your books of tuition you will be able to start to play instantly using both hands playing any kind of popular, classical or hymn music... no joking, genuinely playing music which sounds delightful and is correct in every way and surprising most which will include your friends and relatives.

It must be said that at today’s prices these comprehensive books of tuition are the most cost effective form of tuition available containing hundreds of tunes with full instructions on how to play for beginners of all ages.

To achieve this you can purchase the Klavar Music Manual (Catalogue No: 2100… 29.99 Pound Sterling) together with the Piano Player Book 1 (Catalogue No: 3010… 44.00 Pound Sterling)….

These books contain full instructions with graphic detail to show you the way.

For this the grand total: 73.99 Pound Sterling, Postage, packaging and recorded delivery included will fulfill your ambition… why become a listener when you can bring live music into your own home?

You can purchase these books from our shopping cart at: which is a secure site through PROTX which guarantees your purchase is safe.

For Parents:

Children love to play the piano or an instrument… everybody loves to play the piano especially children.

Surprise your closest friends and start to play using both hands because some have become entertainers, some just play their instruments for pleasure and some pass their educational examinations playing because the examiners only require a playing performance and do not require a sight reading test.

This system of musical notation called Klavar is recognised by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music to which in the past we have submitted our students for their musical playing examinations.

Obviously you will need to suss this out and to investigate our claims and you will be amazed how easy the Klavar Notation is to understand and how easy it is to play your instrument from the Klavar Notation Instant Player Books.

Thousands have benefited from this proven system of keyboard playing – why not you?

For those who need to know more - without any obligation - visit the Klavar Music School site at: